Our Executive Committe

The Executive Committee has an overall responsibility to act on behalf of the organization and to protect the interests of its members and its trusts, and to consider recommendations of the members as appropriate. They establish policies for the organization and make sure those are adhere to at all times.


President: Mohan Singh

The President is the Chief Executive Officer and is responsible for fulfilling the organization’s mission.The President is responsible for planning, organizing and directing the organization programs, which meets the organization and members goals, and working with groups inside and outside of the organization to promote and embrace organization values. The President presides at general meetings and executive committee meetings, and supervises the general operation of the organization.

Vice President

Vice President: Dennis Alexander

The Vice President is responsible for coordinating and implementing programs in support of the organization’s mission. The Vice President works directly with the members of executive committee in planning for various fundraising initiatives and special events. The Vice President is also responsible for safety, security and maintenance of the property, promoting the goals and values of organization, motivating members to participate in organization activities and programs, and presiding in the absence of the President.


Public Relations Officer: Deodat Mohan

The Public Relations Officer develops, implements, and administers a publicity program that maintains a positive image of the organization, for all members, guests, and the general public.The Public Relations Officer is also responsible for internal and external public relations for the organization, publicizing organization events, announcing upcoming events and programs, representing the organization to the media and external groups, support the maintenance of the organization web site, overseeing the publishing of organization newsletters.



The Secretary is responsible for all organization records and correspondence. Additionally, the Secretary makes the proper physical arrangements for all organization meetings and controls organization property between meetings, services and special events. The Secretary is also responsible for keeping the organization Constitution and Bylaws and all other official organization documents, recording and reading minutes of the executive committee meetings, maintain an accurate membership roster , and working closely with President and Treasurer, ensure correspondence are properly addressed.


Treasurer: Vishnu Tangalan

The Treasurer is Chief Financial Officer and is responsible for the organization financial policies, procedures, and controls; keeping clear and accurate financial records of organization business and for seeing that the organization remains financially stable. The Treasurer is also responsible for preparing an annual budget and controlling expenditures as per budget guidelines, paying all financial obligations of the organization as they come due, keeping an accurate account of all transactions, preparing organization financial statements and tax returns when applicable, and submit for audit as required.


Lakshmi Sabha Head: Aneeta Sharma

The Lakshmi Sabha is the women’s arm of the organization. The roles and responsibilities is to provide a supportive, nurturing and enlightening experience to members and the community, through contributions to social and volunteer activities, within and outside the organization, such as the enrichment of women, children and seniors in the community , and activities ranging from religious, educational and charitable. This committee is also responsible for coordinating the Mandir’s housekeeping, food and beverage for events and satsangs. They also coordinate weekly satsang with priest and devotee participants, as well as, ensure puja samagri, parshad and other decorations and flowers are available.