Sri Swami Sharma

Rama Krishna Mandir Spiritual Leader

A great spiritual leader, Sri Swami Sharma is descendant of a long line of Brahmin pundits leading all the way back to Sage Bharadwaj muni. He preaches the path of spirituality to all. His mission and purpose is to inspire, educate and empower people to significantly increase their spiritual capability while constantly improving the quality of their lives and the lives of others with whom they come in contact. Devotees from far and wide visit Sri Swami Ji to seek His blessings.

Teachings of Shri Swami Ji

The summary of the main teachings of Swami JI is given below…

  • The devotion of a person towards a particular religion is more important than the religion itself.
  • Hinduism is a way of life “Sat Sanatan Dharma ( to follow the eternal truth)”
  • No religion is superior and no religion is inferior. We should respect the religions of one other.
  • Through Understanding comes appreciation and acceptance.
  • There is only one God in this world, His names may be different.
  • The service towards the poor, the needy and the sick should be without expectation of any return.
  • Truth, divine love, right conduct, good behavior, peace and non-violence are the values to be followed in everyday life.